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For the photo exhibition Path to Harmony: United States and China (1784 – 1979) at the Zhengzhou Library, Mr. Jun Yue served as the principal project manager. The exhibition lasted for 48 days from mid-January to late February, 2018. It was curated by the Meridian International Center based in Washington DC and was presented by U.S. Mission to China.

[Major Tasks as the project manager]

Before the exhibition:

  1. Looking for venue partners

  2. Securing exhibition venue and date frame

  3. handling through the local governmental approving process for hosting the photo exhibition

  4. procurement of shipping and installation services for the exhibition materials

  5. local graphic design for the exhibition: backdrops, roll-up stand display, flyers, etc.

  6. Promotion of the photo exhibition: arranging and coordinating media interview, producing contents for social media posts, etc.

  7. planing and arranging the opening ceremony: catering services, MC, invitation designing, invitees list, other logistics

Opening ceremony:

  1. Mr. Jun Yue served as the Mandarin-English consecutive interpreter & bilingual MC for the opening ceremony of the exhibition

During the exhibition:

  1. Hosting public lectures at the exhibition venue, providing more stories and deeper information based on the theme of the exhibition.





  1. 寻找并落实场地合作方,确定展期

  2. 与产地合作方进行政府相关部门审批与备案

  3. 协调沟通版权方/内容提供方物流及展览安装服务采购

  4. 沟通展览相关平面设计:主背景、易拉宝、宣传海报、单页等

  5. 展览推广(安排并协调媒体采访;为社交媒体宣传策划文本、图片及音视频等素材)

  6. 策划并安排开幕式活动:茶歇、主持、邀约、布置等


  1. 担任开幕致辞的中英文交替传译及双语主持


  1. 策划并组织面向公众的分享会和沙龙活动,提供与展览相关的更多故事与信息。


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