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Mr. Jun Yue served as the local program manager for the Los Angeles-based music band – Buyepongo’s first China Tour in Wuhan City. Below are some major tasks as a local program manager of the international tour.

Before the program:

  1. securing venue partners and time slots

  2. handling through local governmental approving flow for foreign art, cultural and music performances

  3. producing audio, video, graphic and written materials for promotion of the program

  4. promoting concert events through different social media outlets

  5. designing the band’s cultural exploration tour

  6. procuring audio/musical equipment rental services

  7. procuring van rental services and on-site interpreter services

  8. compiling programs guide for the band and its international tour manager

The whole Wuhan part of the China tour consists of

  1. two public concerts

  2. one private music jam session at a popular local Mexican-style restaurant & bar

  3. a local sight-seeing & foodies tour

  4. a Chinese musical instrument procurement trip

The pictures above are mainly from the two concerts:

  1. Wangjiadun Park Concert (14:30, Sep. 23, 2018) part of Wuhan CBD International Carnival

  2. Chunmiao School Concert (14:30, Sep. 25, 2019) The school is a local K-12 School for the kids of migrant workers in the city



  1. 寻找并落实场地合作方与表演时间段

  2. 乐器、音响设备、交通巴士租赁采购

  3. 现场口译服务采购:面试与内容沟通

  4. 乐队成员城市探索旅程的策划与向导

  5. 负责演艺活动本地相关政府部门审批

  6. 为乐队和其国际经纪人编纂项目手册


  1. 两场大型音乐会

  2. 一场小型音乐交流表演活动

  3. 本地文化与美食探索之旅

  4. 中国传统乐器采购


  1. 武汉CBD国家嘉年华专场音乐会(武汉王家墩公园,2018年9月23日)

  2. 武汉春苗学校音乐会(武汉打工子弟学校,2018年9月25日)


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