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For AARP Vice President Dorothy Siemens’ official visit to China sponsored by IIP Speakers Program of the State Department, Mr. Jun Yue served as principal local program manager for her 3-day trip in Wuhan City, China.

The whole Wuhan program included:

  1. a public lecture on the Aging society: Challenges & Opportunities

  2. a public lecture on the U.S. Policy & Practice on Social Security & Elderly Care

  3. an experts senimar: Health security, Self-fulfillment and Financial resilience

  4. an official meeting with Civil Affairs Bureau of Wuhan City

  5. an official meeting with and campus visit to Hubei Senior Citizens University

  6. a campus visit to Jianghan District Senior Citizens University

  7. a business lunch talk with key local practioners of elderly care

岳军先生为美国退休人员协会(AARP)副会长武汉交流担任项目经理。此项目由美国国务院国际演讲人(IIP Speakers)项目资助,在武汉的行程为期三共三天。


  1. 公开演讲一:“老龄化社会的挑战与机遇”

  2. 公开演讲二:“美国养老与社会保障政策与实践”

  3. 专家研讨会:“老年群体的健康保障、自我实现与财务弹性”

  4. 官方会面与交流会议:与武汉市民政局领导会面交流

  5. 交流会议与调研参访:湖北省老年大学

  6. 调研参访:武汉江汉区老年大学

  7. 交流午餐会:与本地养老及老年护理相关专业人士对谈



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