• Jun Yue


For the public diplomacy lecture of the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan

Hollywood Movies versus Reality: U.S. Police Force Demystified”,

Mr. Jun Yue served as:

  1. Mandarin-English consecutive interpreter and

  2. bilingual MC.

He was also responsible for the event’s

  1. planning,

  2. promoting and

  3. implementing.

The speaker of the lecture was the Regional Security Officer (RSO) of the Consulate – Mr. Troy Hively.

The lecture has been held twice at two different venues in the city with different audiences:

  1. Sep. 19, 2018 New World International Trade Tower – Block I, Wuhan, China

  2. Oct. 27, 2017 The Theater of the Zall BookStore, Wuhan China





  1. 中英文交替传译译员

  2. 双语主持人

  3. 活动策划、推广与执行人

讲者为区域安全官何图业(Troy Hively)先生。


  1. 2018年9月19日 中国武汉新世界国贸大厦I座

  2. 2017年10月29日 中国武汉卓尔书店小剧场