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“深奥”的常识:国家与政府/"Profound" Common Sense: Country and Government

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爱国者的责任就是保护国家不受政府侵犯。— 托马斯潘恩


祖国(motherland)是客观的。中国有着五千年的历史和文明,所有中华儿女之根、华夏子孙之源都来自于此,爱她不需要任何条件。 但政府(government)不同。政府无论是民选还是非民选的,都只是一个国家在某一特定时期的行政当局。而且昏庸无能误国误民甚至祸国殃民的政府,比如腐败无能的后期满清政府,人民更有权利有义务有责任去推翻。政府等于政权,但不等于国家或祖国。

所以,“建国61周年”的全称是“中华人民共和国建立61周年”,实质就是中国共产党在中国的土地上建立政权61周年。 永远不能忘记,中国有五千年历史,而不是区区61年。 另外,大陆媒体多年来总是喜欢乱用误用一个词,并将其妖魔化,那就是“反华势力”这个经典的“扣帽子”用语。其实并不存在什么“反华势力”,那些所谓的“反华势力”所反对的并不是由全体华人组成的“中华民族”,他们反对的其实是“中国政府”或是“中国共产党政权”而已。

政府和人民本来就是不同的概念,所以政府的不当和受到的批评不能让人民买单。 总结一下这个基本常识:可以爱政府,也可以爱党。但爱国不等于爱政府,更不等于爱党。


It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government. - Thomas Paine.

The difference between the state and the government is such a simple matter of common sense. Yet, our education since childhood never clearly tells us this simple common sense. Years ago, when I read this quote from the eighteenth-century American thinker Thomas Paine, I was even a bit overwhelmed. I realized that many innocent, simple, and ignorant elementary and high school students had loved the wrong one for so many years.

The motherland is something objective. China has 5,000 years of history and civilization, the root of all Chinese are from here, and it is okay to love her unconditionally. But the government is different. The government, whether elected by the people or not, is only the administrative authority of a country at a particular time. And the people have the right, duty, and responsibility to overthrow a government that is incompetent and misguided, or even a disaster to the people, such as the corrupt and incompetent Manchu government of the later Qing Dynasty. A government can equal a regime, but it does not equal a country or a motherland.

Therefore, the full name of the "61st anniversary of the country's founding" is actually"61st anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China", which is essentially the 61st anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party's ruling on Chinese soil. It should never be forgotten that China has a history of 5,000 years, not just 61 years. In addition, for many years the mainland media has been fond of misusing and demonizing a term, the classic "anti-Chinese forces" term. In fact, there is no such thing as "anti-Chinese forces". Those so-called "anti-Chinese forces" are not opposed to the "Chinese nation", which consists of all Chinese people and Chinese culture, they are actually opposed to the "Chinese government" or the "Chinese Communist Party regime".

The government and the people are different concepts, so the people cannot pay for the government's misconduct and criticism. To sum up this basic common sense: you can love the government and you can love the party. But loving the country is not the same as loving the government, and it is not the same as loving the party.


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