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For the three public lectures on climate change, refugees and Fiji travel given by Ms. Kya Lal, Mr. Jun Yue worked as a Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter.

Kya is a lawyer with Lal Patel Bale Lawyers in Fiji and a Ph.D. candidate in Law at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, focusing her research on the impacts of climate change in the region. She has a long history of participating in United Nations Climate Change Conferences and has experienced life onboard Peace Boat as a member of the first group of Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors aboard the 95th Global Voyage.

The topics of the three public lectures are:

  1. Climate Change in the Pacific: Impacts and Effects

  2. Climate Impacts: Refugees & Displacement – which term is correct?

  3. Welcome to Exciting Fiji: Fiji Travel Information Seminar

July 8 -12, 2019 Peace Boat’s 101st Global Voyage while the MV Ocean Dream was on the way from Tahiti to Fiji


讲者:Kya Lal女士,斐济执业律师,南太平洋大学法学博士候选人。研究重点是气候变化对该地区的影响。她多次参加参加联合国气候变化大会。曾担任和平之船第一届“海洋和气候青年大使项目”成员,参与第95次环球航行。


  1. 太平洋气候变化:冲击与后果

  2. 气候冲击:难民与流离失所 – 术语探讨

  3. 心动斐济欢迎您:斐济旅游推介会

2019年7月8日至12日 和平之船第101次环球航行 海洋之梦号 大溪地至斐济航海途中


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