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英语录音项目:英文学习期刊《初中生 · 爱英语》



这份期刊的名字叫《初中生 · 爱英语》,是《初中生》杂志的英语学习版本月刊。《初中生》杂志历史悠久,创刊于1985年1月,由已故著名科学家华罗庚题写发刊辞,是中国新时期颇有影响力的中学生杂志之一。



Thanks to Dingwen, the chief editor of the English language learning magazine, for mailing me hard copies of some recently published editions. I am honoured to have contributed to the audiobooks of these editions as an English language narrator.

With modern technologies, this generation of EFL learners in China are lucky: they can get access to audio clips by just scanning QR codes printed alongside magazine articles. When I was young and started learning English, I had to carry cassette players and cassettes all around.

If you are interested in listening to one of my audio clips, here is the link from the official account of the magazine. Click the small soundwave button in the page to start playing.

You can also access this page through this QR code.



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