• Jun Yue

同声传译 「国际领导力工作坊 – 社会企业家谈调适性领导力理论与实践」(共七场)

For this international workshop series on adaptive leadership, Mr. Jun Yue served as a Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter. Below please find more information about this event.

[Theme] Adaptive Leadership – Theory & Practice through the Perspective of a Social Entrepreneur (a series of 7 workshops in total)

[Speaker] Ada Ho, founder & CEO of Paxxioneer; co-founder of L plus H Fashion, Hong Kong

[Location] Broadway Hall, MV Ocean Dream, Peace Boat 101st global voyage

[Time] April 22 – 29, 2019

People in the group photos include the speaker and a large SI team of Mandarin-English interpreters and Japanese-English interpreters for the workshop series.



[主题] 国际领导力工作坊社会企业家谈调适性领导力理论与实践 (共7场主题培训)

[讲者] 何静莹女士,互联网创新平台“心旅行”(Paxxioneer)创始人与首席执行官,”L plus H Fashion”联合创始人

[时间] 2019年4月22日 – 29日

[地点] 和平之船第101次环球航行 海洋之梦号百老汇厅