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Mr. Jun Yue served as a Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter for a series of events, including public lectures, seminars and workshops, as part of Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors Program 2019.

The Program lasted for over two weeks from May 24 to June 8, 2019. Young leaders from the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean who are active on issues related to climate change and ocean degradation were traveling from Valletta to New York City (United States) with stops and activities in Granada (Spain), Tangiers (Morocco) and Ponta Delgada (Portugal).

Below are the topics of the eight events that Mr. Jun Yue interpreted for during the program from May 24 to June 8, 2019:

  1. Introducing Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors Program

  2. Climate Change Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion

  3. Climate Change: Fact, Figures & Future

  4. Exploring the Importance of Oceans

  5. Exciting Islands: Traveling Information Seminar

  6. Solutions to Ocean and Climate Challenges

  7. International Ocean Day: History and Development

  8. Conclusion Event of the Program


该项目时间为2019年5月24日到2019年6月8日,持续两个多星期。来自太平洋、印度洋和加勒比海地区,积极参与气候变化和海洋恶化有关问题的青年领袖们,从瓦莱塔(马耳他)前往纽约 (美国),并在格拉纳达(西班牙)、丹吉尔(摩洛哥)和蓬塔德尔加达(葡萄牙)停留参加各种活动。


  1. 海洋与气候青年大使项目介绍

  2. 气候变化纪录片放映和小组讨论

  3. 气候变化:事实、数据与未来

  4. 海洋的重要性

  5. 心动岛屿:旅行信息研讨会

  6. 海洋和气候挑战的解决方案

  7. 国际海洋日:历史与发展

  8. 项目总结活动


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