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同声传译「退休3.0 – 连结大学型退休住宅的机遇与挑战」

For this public lecture under the theme of ”Coping with Aging, Aged and Super-aged Society‘, Mr. Jun Yue served as Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter. Below, you can find more information about this event.

[Topic of the Lecture] Retirement 3.0: Exploring the Opportunities & Challenges of University-based Retirement Communities

[Time] April 24, 2019

[Location] Starlight Hall, MV Ocean Dream, Peace Boat 101st Voyage

[Speaker] Herbert Lin, Chief Executive Officer, Xuanzang Culture and Education Foundation; Executive Director, Taiwan Association for Institutional Research



[讲座主题] 退休3.0 – 连接大学型退休住宅建设的机遇与挑战

[演讲嘉宾] 台湾财团法人玄奘基文教金会执行长 林博文 先生

[活动时间] 2019年4月24日

[活动地点] 和平之船第101次环球航行 海洋梦之号星光厅


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