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For this conference “When Silicon Valley Meets Optics Valley: The Future and International Cooperation in Serving Start-Up Companies”,

Mr. Jun Yue served as:

*Mandarin-English simultaneous interpreter (EN>CH) for keynote speeches by:

  1. Steve Lavi, Founder of TEDxTelAviv

  2. Jordan Edelheit, Founder of TEDxOSU

  3. Steven Hoffma, CEO of FoundersSpace

  4. SHU Zhan, Secretary General,Internet Plus Innovation Research Center of Tencent Institute

  5. XU Hongbo, Founder and Chairman of Innohub

*Mandarin-English consecutive interpreter for the panel discussion part of the event moderated by famous Chinese TV anchor Mr. Sa Beining with panelists including:

  1. WANG Xuehai, Chairman of Renfu Pharmaceutical

  2. Steven Hoffma, CEO of FoundersSpace

  3. ZHANG Suyang, Partner of IDG Capital

  4. LAN Ningyu, Founder of AngelCrunch

  5. YAN Ming, Founder of Makerstreet

More information about this event is available from its official website.

Nov. 30, 2015 Wuhan, China




  1. TEDxTelAviv的创始人Steve Lavi

  2. TEDx俄亥俄州立大学创始人Jordan Edelheit

  3. FoundersSpace首席执行官Steven Hoffman

  4. 腾讯研究院互联网+创新研究中心秘书长舒展

  5. 许洪波创大创始人、董事长许洪波


  1. 人福医药董事长王学海

  2. FoundersSpace首席执行官 Steven Hoffman

  3. IDG资本合伙人章苏阳

  4. 天使汇创始人兰宁羽

  5. 创客街区创始人晏鸣


2015年11月30日 中国武汉



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