Connecting Minds & Action through
Conference & Community Interpreting,
Data-Informed Policy Analytics, and
international PR Campaigns, with
the Two Most Spoken Languages

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Jun Yue is a professional Mandarin-English interpreter, an international PR campaign specialist, and a data-driven policy analyst.

He once worked as

  • a public engagement programs manager at the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan (2016-18)

  • a Fulbright scholar (FLTA program) at a liberal arts college in Florida, United States (2014-15)

  • a lecturer of Chinese-English interpreting & translation at a top10 university in mainland China (2011-16)

  • a program director & EFL instructor at an education & technology corporation listed in NYSE (2005-09)

He has also been enthusiastically engaged in pro bono and volunteering services. Among a great variety of those projects, he once served in 2019 as a Communication Coordinator (CC) for a 3.5-month-long around-the-world voyage, visiting twenty countries across five continents, promoting peace, human rights & sustainability with Peace Boat, a Japan-based international NGO.

In his spare time, he likes biking, kayaking, playing the ukulele, swing dance, and jazz music…

岳军,中英文会议、社区、医疗口译员(同声传译、交替传译),国际事务与跨文化交流工作者,数据与政策分析师;毕业于香港理工大学中文与双语学系,获翻译与传译(传译专业)硕士学位(2010),持有国际译联(FIT)译员证; 中美富布莱特项目访问学者(2014-15),剑桥大学丘吉尔学院访问学者(2013暑期); 湖北省五一劳动奖章获得者(2012);曾任职于美国驻武汉总领事馆(2016-2018),负责推动美国与中国华中地区在文化、教育与学术等方面的交流与合作,获美国驻华使团英雄奖(Eagle Award, 2017)与荣誉奖(Mission Honor Award, 2018);工作与旅居足迹迄今遍布世界六大洲、二十多个国家。


Mandarin - English Interpreting (Simultaneous & Consecutive)


PR Campaigns: Planning, Marketing & Implementing

Policy & OSI Analytics: Data-Informed & Bilingually-Driven



help deepen your insight & impact across cultural & linguistic gaps




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